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Our team of professionally-trained and experienced electricians troubleshoots and installs electrical wiring in a precise manner. Buying and maintaining a property is extremely costly; that’s why we offer electrical services at an affordable rate for home and business owners in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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What Electrical Services Do You Provide?

At BILL GILBERT ELECTRIC, we provide our customers with a wide range of electrical services that broadly include, rewiring, lighting upgrades and installation, landscape lighting, and remodeling services.

Can I Install Electrical Wiring Myself?

In Florida, some counties allow do-it-yourself wiring, but you'll need a permit and your installation will need to be evaluated by an electrical inspector from the city or county. The installation of electrical wiring in some locations necessitates the use of a licensed contractor. Contact local officials in order to specify legislation within your geographical location.Regardless, hiring a licensed electrician is a wise option.

My Circuit Breaker Occasionally Trips, Is This Dangerous?

A circuit breaker tripping can be a sign of the circuit being overloaded. Frequent trips can be caused by wires overheating which could eventually cause a fire. This is extremely dangerous, and you should immediately contact an electrician to have it repaired.

Why does my light bulb burn out faster than expected?

A light bulb that burns out too soon in a lamp or socket is an indication of a faulty electrical connection that causes the lamp to overheat. Identifying and correcting the faulty connection should cure the problem.

What kind of electrical panel do I need?

Determine the required amperage. Determine the total square footage of habitable space, excluding unfinished basements, attics, garages, and crawl spaces. Make a list of your electrical requirements, including your heating and air conditioning systems, as well as all electrical appliances (dryer, stove, dishwasher, hot tubs, pools, and so on), and then contact an electrician with this information.

Why do I need a generator?

Hurricanes frequently strike Florida, leaving communities without electricity for weeks at a time. In addition to hurricanes in Florida, the aging US electrical grid makes disaster recovery and restoration more difficult.



Our team of experienced electricians have developed years of expertise in providing high quality electrical services in the South Florida area. Working with electricity can be dangerous, which is why our team places a premium on safety. We guarantee that if you use our services, you will be able to relax in your house without worrying about defective wires or short circuits.

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